Young people helping promote coronavirus guidance


Young people across Staffordshire are working with the county council on a new drive to raise awareness of Covid-19 and highlight the difference they can make by helping to tackle the pandemic.

With cases of the virus rising fast in Staffordshire and in the 16-to-24 year old age group in particular, young adults are being asked to look at the impact Covid-19 may have on their health and that of their friends and family, and on their own plans for their future in education or work.

Cabinet member for Health, Care and Wellbeing, Dr Johnny McMahon, said as part of the “Our World in Our Hands” campaign the county council is working with young people to target other young adults.

Johnny said: “It’s important the full impact of Covid-19 is highlighted to young people as we very much see them as part of the solution in tackling Covid-19 here in Staffordshire.

“People in this age group are at high risk of catching the virus, and at high risk of spreading the infection further, because they tend to have lots of contacts.

“While they may well have mild symptoms, their family may not be so fortunate.

“And if the number of cases continues to rise, we will face more and more restrictions which could devastate their future plans for their lives and careers.

“We want to ensure young people in Staffordshire have the opportunities to live happy and prosperous lives with plenty of opportunity, and we don’t want coronavirus to affect that.”

The county council has been working with students from local colleges and universities to hear in their own words and stories how Covid-19 is affecting them.

Johnny added:

“This is not a finger pointing exercise to younger people or students as we all that know coronavirus does not discriminate and transmission is occurring in all age groups and demographics across the country.

“The majority of young people in Staffordshire are very aware of the risks and are doing the right thing in following the guidance to keep them and their families safe. We’re hoping that by telling their stories, it will encourage their peers to do the same and help us all get back to normal as soon as possible.”

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