Rural Moorlands road forced to close due to parked cars


A Moorlands road was forced to close this afternoon after a large volume of parked cars blocked the road.

Roach road at Upper Hulme was forced to close at around 2pm while Police attempted to move the cars causing the blockage.

It comes after Staffordshire county council encouraged people to head out into the rural parts of the county to keep fit during lockdown.

A spokesperson for Staffordshire Police said:

“Local officers have spent hours directing traffic at the Roaches Beauty spot due to inconsiderate parking. As a result of the influx of visitors, roads were gridlocked which prevented a first responder from attending a call out.”

The AA live traffic news website reported:

“Road closed due to sheer volume of people going to The Roaches on Roach Road in Upper Hulme. Parked cars are blocking the road, so police have closed it whilst they attempt to move them”