Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal will bring challenges but also guaranteed audiences


Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal will bring challenges but also guaranteed audiences

Harry and Meghan have quickly wanted to get on with their new way of working over in America and whatever conversations have been going on behind the scenes have paid off with the announcement of their first big deal.

Unsurprisingly both the Sussexes and Netflix are keeping quiet about how much money is involved, but we know they’ll be producing everything from documentaries, to children’s programmes, with a nature docu-series and an animated series about inspiring women already being developed.

There will inevitably be questions about how much experience they have to take on this kind of deal, as a former army officer and an actress.

But what they have both shown individually, and as a couple, is their drive to make a success of projects they are passionate about.

And that’s what these programmes will be, focusing on the issues that resonate with them, and putting diversity at the heart of every project, from onscreen talent, to those behind the scenes.

There is no doubt that Meghan, as a former actress, will have an eye for film making. I was told she took a keen interest in where all the cameras were going to be positioned in St George’s Chapel on their wedding day.

Don’t forget she also spent lots of her childhood on TV sets watching her father work as a lighting director.

And I’m not saying it necessarily makes him a producer, but Harry has been involved in plenty of TV programmes and had his photo taken enough to have a view on what looks right; I’ll never forget chatting to him during a tour in Nepal about the fact he thought the photographers were in the wrong place for a photo because of where the light was shining from.

Of course Harry isn’t the first of the Windsors to try their hand at television production.

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His uncle Prince Edward knows the pitfalls after he staged the disastrous programme It’s a Royal Knockout in 1987 and set up his own production company, Ardent.

While Harry and Meghan may no longer be working royals, everything they do is still watched and scrutinised closely, bringing challenges but also a guaranteed audience for their new business partners at Netflix.

It was always going to be interesting to see the businesses and companies the Sussexes decided to align themselves with.

Not just who would be the best fit for a couple, who have very strong views on diversity, gender equality and the environment – but also as members of the Royal Family.

When they announced in January that they wanted a financially-independent life, Harry said they would continue to uphold the values of the Queen, and that is the benchmark that every deal they make and every job they take on, will still be measured by.

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